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Just wanted to share…

Hey all…

I just wanted to share this post with you guys.

Thanks for reading.  I’ll update before too long, I’m sure. 😉


Review of Spookygirl: Paranormal Investigator

Spookygirl: Paranormal InvestigatorSpookygirl: Paranormal Investigator by Jill Baguchinsky

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had the privilege of reading an advance copy of Spookygirl: Paranormal Investigator and loved it! It was smart, funny, and had it’s scary moments. Though I don’t know much about paranormal investigations and all of the equipment involved, I have read and seen my fair share of books and shows about them, and it seems as though Ms. Baguchinsky has done her research. Violet is an awesome MC – I loved her immediately – and the secondary characters were fleshed out enough to make them likable and interesting enough to make me want to know more. The story was structured and paced well, and the main mystery was very compelling – I wanted to find the answers almost as much as Violet did.

I would definitely recommend Spookygirl: Paranormal Investigator. Anyone who loves ghost stories and mysteries will enjoy this book. I am rating it at 4.5 stars (though that’s not technically possible on here) because I more than “really liked it” but reserve “it was amazing” for only a select few reads.

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Entered Pitch. Won Request!

Hello all!

So… I stumbled across a 35-word pitch contest here and won a request for a full of Terra Incognita from an editor at Entangled Publishing!  Very excited and nervous!  It will probably be a while before I know if they want it, though.  In the meantime, I will continue querying agents… I’ve gotta spark some interest somewhere, right?  Hm….  And I will continue to write, as well, though I have slacked off this past week or so.

Also, other cool news… I won an ARC of Spookygirl: Paranormal Investigator (the winner of the 2011 ABNA in the YA category).  The copy is in the mail, and the book is due in stores on August 16th.  If you want to check out the author’s blog, you can find it here.  I’m looking forward to reading her book!