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And it’s over before it even started…

Booted at the pitch stage once again… For me, ABNA 2013 is done. I’m out. I must admit I am a bit disappointed. I felt my pitch was good enough this time around… and maybe it was (I don’t know) as everyone keeps saying the pitch round is basically a crapshoot. And that’s fine. Really. It is. I am very happy for all of those writers who made it through. I’m glad they will continue to get a shot for publication and possibly that grand prize of $50,000. 😀

Anyway, as the disappointment sunk in, part of me was saying, “Maybe I’m just not cut out for this… But what else is there for me to do? I have a degree in Art with little experience in graphic design and none in web design… What’s a girl to do?” Then the more rational part of me said, “But it’s what you love. It’s who you are. You couldn’t stop if you wanted to… Sure, you might have a dry spell every once in a while where you just can’t write a goshdarned thing… but that comes with the territory… and none of this means you should quit.” Once I’d given myself a little pep talk, I thought maybe I should get back to querying… but I’m not quite so confident in TERRA INCOGNITA at the moment (maybe that will pass, I don’t know) so (for now) I think I might actually shelf it… focus on something else before I come back to it… I’ve been working on it for so long, editing for so long, it needs a break. I need a break. I have other works-in-progress to complete… maybe one of them will be “The One.” And I’m so close to ending one of them… focus. That’s what I need to do. Focus.

Besides, I have more important things to worry about… I’ll be 25 weeks pregnant on Friday and have a lot to do. Sheesh, I’m due, like, the week before the ABNA Finalists travel to accept their prizes… that would have been an interesting trip, for sure… Traveling across country about a week (or so) after giving birth, newborn in tow. 🙂  Yeah… but it would have been totally worth it.

So, to wrap it all up… Good luck to all who remain in the contest! AND good luck to all who were cut. You shouldn’t give up either… Being cut this early is absolutely no indication of your (or your book’s) worth (yeah, I know, we need to make it a mantra).

Good luck with all of your writing careers! I hope to see you on the other side.

Edit/Update/What-have-you: I just wanted to say that I’m not really discouraged when it comes to writing… I can’t give it up, it isn’t possible… My main reaction/emotion is one of exhaustion, more than anything. This has just been a very trying week… 🙂  I’m already tired, in general, but have a very sick hubby this week and a 3-year old to contend with, so… ha ha. Bad timing, perhaps…?


Just wanted to share…

Joanna Penn of “The Creative Penn” shared this on Facebook and I just HAD to share.  So if you want to learn how to write up to 4,000 words per day (or at least a lot more than you already do) read this, and reap the benefits of daydreaming… I’ve got the daydreaming part pretty well down, I just need to utilize it!  🙂


I’m still alive…. I promise!

Uh, so yeah… It’s been way too long since I posted. That’s an understatement, I guess… Anyway, here I am! Yay! I’m sure my millions of fans have missed me – er, what’s that? I don’t have millions of fans? Huh. I could’ve sworn… No? Oh well, we’ll just have to fix that! One day, anyway…

So, back to the post. Been pretty busy the last few months, though (unfortunately) nothing book-related. I’ve barely written anything, actually… Well, that’s not completely true… I have done some work, lots of editing and changing of Terra Incognita and rewriting of query letters and synopses… but only a tiny bit of anything new. In any case, we’ve been having fun at my house fighting colds and sinus infections. Of course, the main thing we’ve been working on is a new home and getting ready to move… a lot goes into that. It’s been one delay after another, but I suppose that’s pretty typical. So, I guess what I’m saying is that I’ve been a little distracted… Then again, that’s not too difficult for me. 😉

So, now I’m getting back into things. Though I’ve gotten rejections from most of the agents I’ve queried, I still have plenty remaining on my list. My latest query was to the Irene Goodman Literary Agency, to Miriam Kriss. I’ve read wonderful things about her. I’m a little nervous though, because (besides the normal reasons) their submission guidelines page states that once you have sent your query, “you should receive an automated reply.” However, I did not receive said reply, but my email does say that it was sent, and I did a little research and found others have had this problem in the past. I figure if I don’t hear back in about two weeks, I’ll re-query just to make sure. I’m thinking that maybe “should” is the operative word there… Let’s hope. I keep checking and rechecking my email, even though my phone is right beside me and would let my know if I’d gotten anything new.

I’m hoping my reworked query letter is more appealing and am sure (eh) that my rewritten first chapter is so much better than it was before. Of course, I’m also very sure that it could always use more work… I’m hoping that someone out there will at least see some potential in my work and want to represent me based on that potential… that they’ll be willing to work with me to make it the best it possibly can be… because that’s what I’m willing to do… if someone would just give me the opportunity, right?

I think that’ll be all for now. I’ll try not to go months between posts next time, though I can’t guarantee anything since the move is imminent.

Thanks for listening, er, reading…. Love ya’ guys!

Why I write…

Hello! Maybe I should blog about procrastination, as not only has it been too long since I’ve updated here but I’ve also neither been writing nor researching my next story the last several days… need to get back to that! Ugh! Maybe next time!

Anyway, today I thought I’d write about why I (and others) write. I began thinking about this after visiting with my grandmother, who is fighting cancer. (Speaking of procrastination, I had been putting off that visit, I imagine out of fear – the fear, I suppose, of her illness, seeing her sick, when I think of her as being so strong. Also, I believe I have been afraid that seeing her that way will verify her frailty, make it more “real” to me.) The visit went well but, of course, had me thinking of the people I’ve lost in my life. These losses have influenced my reasons for writing over the last few years. For instance, my mystery series “Juniper Jackson Investigations” started as a way for me to deal with the death of my father when I was 20. I have a lot of unresolved issues there, and writing is a way for me to work through them.

Obviously (okay, maybe it’s not that obvious but), I have reasons for writing other than the need to work through various psychological/emotional issues. Mainly, I love to write. Though I haven’t always known that I wanted to write, I discovered it was an option when I was a teenager. I loved reading and spent the majority of my time doing so. I suppose writing was the next logical step for me. Now, not only could I escape into the worlds created by others, I could escape into my own worlds; imaginings I had not been able to openly entertain since I was a very young child. Of course, I may not act them out as I did at that age, but my characters can! My favorite stories involve otherworldly people, creatures and/or scenarios, and much of what I write does as well.

As with many writers, writing is a compulsion (this is also the case with drawing) for me, and when the mood strikes (and if often does), I must write (unfortunately, laziness/procrastination often derails this). Also, writing can be an obsession, of sorts. Most days, whether I’m procrastinating or not, my writing is all I can think about (I’m choosing to view this as a positive thing). And writing can also serve as a diversion, which I suppose is the opposite of my Juniper Jackson series. In that particular case, I am working through issues and thinking about that aspect of my life quite directly. However, I also write to take my mind off of my everyday life and its obstacles and anxieties.

This leads back to writing as an escape (which is part of why I love writing, as I stated above) and back to another reason why I write… and why I hope to one day be published and have others read my work: I want others to enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them… and hope that they can use them to escape the realities of their lives as I have, at least for a little while.

Ah… Spring is in the air!

That it is… perfect weather to start something new… and, in my case, that means starting on a fresh story! Yep, that’s what I said! I had it all figured out last night, which story to start working on next… then I had a dream this morning that has messed with that a bit.

So, now I have a little thinking to do… I now have another idea for a book but was all set to start on something else. Maybe I should stick with what I was planning… a different take on the Robin Hood legend. That’s all I’m saying about it for now, but it too was based on a dream I had several years ago…

The count down to the ABNA quarter-finals commences! 19 days!