Terra Incognita

Seventeen-year old Haylee Wells dodges an attack by a pallid monster and stumbles through a portal into a post-apocalyptic future. Taking refuge with a group of humans, she learns the Pale Ones – creatures that can kill with a single touch – have propelled her through time to claim a power she didn’t know she had.

Unlike everyone around her, Haylee shows no evidence of having any power. But she is determined to prove she can be an asset, and her need to help gives her a sense of purpose she’s never had before. Derik, the duty-bound protector of the group, is skeptical of her usefulness, let alone her ability to survive. Despite that and his unsettling connection to the Pale Ones, she finds herself drawn to him. And even he is worried, when an attack from within their own walls exposes an ability the Pale Ones could never have anticipated.

Haylee knows she should return home, but her growing affections for her new friends leave her unsure in which time home resides. She won’t risk their lives on a trek she isn’t ready to make. But the monsters are coming for her, and the choice may not be hers for long. If she returns to her time, she’ll bear the knowledge of what’s to come all on her own. If she doesn’t, the Pale Ones will decide her fate – enslavement or death.

TERRA INCOGNITA (93,000 words) is a post-apocalyptic fantasy about finding love, friendship, and a sense of self in a world where danger reigns and the supernatural is common.


3 responses to “Terra Incognita

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  2. Ah, you’re a great writer! Where else can I find your work?

  3. Oh, thank you! It’s only on authonomy.com right now (link above), but I have entered this story into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest… so hopefully parts of it will be available for viewing there in upcoming months… 😉

    Also, I tried to visit your blog but it says it has been deleted.
    EDIT: found it! It must be new… I’ll check back periodically. 🙂

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